Untraditional fish & chips inspired by the inventive and experimental ethos of hip hop culture.

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Trailer (Outside)
The Splat, Salford, M50 2EQ
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Mon-Fri: 12-2.30pm





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  • Private Party :: Corporate Event Day 1July 6, 2018 
  • Private Party :: Corporate Event Day 2July 7, 2018 
  • Private Event :: Corporate PartyJuly 12, 2018 
  • Private Event :: BirthdayJuly 14, 2018 
  • Private Event :: Corporate PartyJuly 21, 2018 
  • Private Event :: WeddingJuly 28, 2018 
  • Private Event :: WeddingAugust 4, 2018 
  • Private Event :: WeddingAugust 10, 2018 


The Hip Hop Chip Shop at Sawmill Court: opening summer 2018!
Sawmill Court

Opening Summer 2018!

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To reach this stage we were appraised by industry experts across a variety of judging criteria, including menu development and innovation, sustainable sourcing policies, customer service and staff training processes, marketing and promotional flair, and how we attract new customers to fish and chips.
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…They do it out of a massive stainless steel boombox… But their sustainable coley is from the classic English fried fish tradition.

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  • Amazing food. Not normally a fish and chip fan but wow. The fried hallumi was awesome. The gravy surpasses any competitor even kfc have nothing against yours. Highly recommend.

    Kevin Cooper

  • The fact the van is decked out as it is with the super friendly and musically knowledged staff with the great food is a special thing. My mate Dave got dmx on and it made his day. Bloody loved it.

    Alex L.

  • Amazing food for our 250 staff. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Feasty Boyz Box and Halloumi Fingaz! Ozzie and team are fantastic and serve by far the best fish and chips ive tasted.

    Lynsey Phethean

  • I kid not, the Hip Hop Chip Shop’s fish nosh is top notch!

    Tom ‘Bubsie’ Belshaw

  • Restored my faith in Manchester chip shops. Great food with awesome twists. Unreal!

    Jen Stewart

  • The Hip Hop Chip Shop actually puts a lot of love and time into making it.  It literally takes four days to make this sauce. FOUR DAYS, people.

    Gravy G.

  • Well worth a visit, ‘the best fish and chips I’ve ever had’ proclaimed my daughter. Friendly and helpful staff too.

    Justin Gower

  • All in all a great experience and exactly what I needed for my hangover.

    Caroline T.

  • Awesome food! I love sausage

    Christopher Boswell

  • Nice fish butty.

    Andrew Y.

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